013 TSP Personality Styles

This episode of the Teach Suzuki Podcast discusses the four basic personality styles as outlined by Florence Littauer in her “Personality Plus” books, which I will link to below. I have found that understanding the different styles helps parents and teachers to be more effective with children. Have a listen and see if you can figure out what personality style you have and what style your children or students have. How can you become better as a parent or teacher?

Here is the link to the books mentioned in the podcast. These are affiliate links. You do not ever have to purchase anything, but if you are in the market to do so, I ask that you consider using one of my affiliate links to do so. The cost is still the same to you, but it will provide a benefit to me that will help me to maintain the blog and podcast episode production. I greatly appreciate it!

Personality Plus for Parents

More personality styles books by Florence Littauer

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