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What goes on behind the curtain at Teach Suzuki? What does the life of a blogger and podcaster look like?

In this episode, I take my listeners back stage and show them what it is like to produce a podcast or write a blog. I explain the issues that face teachers and other professionals in the creative arena. By sharing this interesting information, I hope to explain how things work and how listeners and readers can help to support the individuals who create and produce the many resources that we all find useful.

I share information about two short movies that I created about the new book, The Twinkle Project. You will enjoy these short videos, which explain more about why I wrote the book and what the book is about. Here are the links to those two videos:

Why Did I Write This Book? (video)

The Twinkle Project: What’s the Book About?

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Happy Practicing!

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If you would like to make a donation to support the Teach Suzuki Podcast and the blog, click here to donate.

Author: Paula Bird

I am a professional violinist, university teacher, and private instructor with training in the Suzuki Method of Talent Education. I have decades of experience as a teacher and am willing to share my knowledge with parents and teachers of children who are learning music using the Suzuki Method.

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