093 TSP Simple 4-Part Plan | Start the New Year Successfully

Here is a simple 4-part plan to start the new year successfully:

  1. set a daily goal (and write it down!)
  2. set a schedule (and write it down on your calendar or planner)
  3. ask for help (knowledge and accountability)
  4. keep track (find a way to quantify the goal, and then measure it)

Start putting these four steps into practice today, and begin to build your streak!

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Until next time,

Happy Practicing!

—– Paula —–

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Author: Paula Bird

I am a professional violinist, university teacher, and private instructor with training in the Suzuki Method of Talent Education. I have decades of experience as a teacher and am willing to share my knowledge with parents and teachers of children who are learning music using the Suzuki Method.

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