097 TSP What is Our Message? | How to Raise an Adult (part 2)

This episode is the second in a series of episodes that will discuss the book How to Raise an Adult (Break Free of the Overparenting Trap and Prepare Your Kid for Success) by Julie Lythcott-Haims, an award-winning former dean of freshmen and undergraduate advising at Stanford University.

Today’s discussion brings up topics such as safety issues (bike helmets, seatbelts, prenatal care), hyperawareness and concern by neighbors and communities about stranger danger and the possibility of child abduction, the “self-esteem” movement (“a trophy for everyone who shows up!”), and the desire to shield children from hurt feelings and unpleasant interactions with other children.

The question that I want us all to ask is whether we are sending a message to our children and students that will encourage them to develop life skills that will serve them well as they enter the adult world, or are we treating our children like helpless victims who are incapable of learning how to perform these skills themselves.

I mentioned a few resources in the podcast episode. Here are links to those items.

This is the book I referred to in the podcast.

I also mentioned Stephen Covey’s book, because he relates a personal story about his son and how Dr. Covey and his wife reevaluated their parenting style in order to stop treating their son as a “victim” who was incapable of success without his parents’ help. I found the story to be a powerful account that related to the message issue I discussed in today’s podcast episode:

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I am a professional violinist, university teacher, and private instructor with training in the Suzuki Method of Talent Education. I have decades of experience as a teacher and am willing to share my knowledge with parents and teachers of children who are learning music using the Suzuki Method.

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