2017-08-21 studio meeting

The recording sets out the Wildflower Suzuki Studio policies for the 2017-18 teaching year, including information about siblings, lessons, group class attendance, scheduling, tuition, and other general policies. The recording also sets out 6 checkpoint words or phrases to assure me that parents have listened to the information contained in this recording.

When you finish listening to the recording, send me an email confirming your continued interest in lessons at the studio. Your confirmation also assures me that you and I agree that you will do your best to abide with the studio policies. These policies are not a change from any previous policy, merely that I have set them out here in a tangible format for parents and students to refer to in the future if necessary.

You can find the podcast recordings on iTunes at http://apple.co/2hqhPbo.

You can find the blog at http://bit.ly/TeachSuzuki.

Please be sure that I have your current email addresses and phone numbers. Mine are listed below.


Paula E. Bird

(512) 694-7687 (text messages preferred)