Reflections – How Not to Develop Ability

Dr. Suzuki believed that when parents nagged and scolded their children, that the parents were using a method called, “How Not to Develop Ability.” This short reflection looks closer at this issue and why it would not be the best teaching or parenting method to use.

This episode is part of the “Reflections” series of podcast episodes, which are short, minutes long reflections about a quote or other thought from Dr. Shinichi Suzuki’s philosophy or writing. The purpose of these reflections is to give parents and teachers a chance to spend a few minutes thinking about how great the impact might be on the world and our children with merely a slight moment of reflection about a behavior, thought, or attitude.

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Author: Paula Bird

I am a professional violinist, university teacher, and private instructor with training in the Suzuki Method of Talent Education. I have decades of experience as a teacher and am willing to share my knowledge with parents and teachers of children who are learning music using the Suzuki Method.

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