Reflections – Physical Touch

This is part of the “Reflections” series of podcast episodes, which are short, minutes long reflections about a quote or other thought from Dr. Shinichi Suzuki’s philosophy or writing. The purpose of these reflections is to give parents and teachers a chance to spend a few minutes thinking about how great the impact might be on the world and our children with merely a slight moment of reflection about a behavior, thought, or attitude.

This episode reminds us about the importance of physical touch in order to make connections with each other and our children in order to thrive in our world. Have a listen and see if you have anything to add to the list of ways that we can connect with each other through physical touch.

Author: Paula Bird

I am a professional violinist, university teacher, and private instructor with training in the Suzuki Method of Talent Education. I have decades of experience as a teacher and am willing to share my knowledge with parents and teachers of children who are learning music using the Suzuki Method.

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